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[ENG] About Battle Boys: Member Who Participate and How to Vote


Actually I don't really know about Battle Boys. But, as my friend told before, this is a new project from EBiDAN—exactly EBiDAN Tokyo!

I'm soooooooo confused! So, what happened to 'Star Boys'? Is it the re-audition of it? Are EBiDAN will debuting a new unit from this project? Asdfghjkl I still dunno!

Because I still don't know 5W+1H about this project (lol), here I will tell you the members who participate and how to vote them! Don't forget to votes your oshi, ok? ☺

Saa, check this out minna!

① Ryouta
D.O.B: June 7, 2005
Height: 151cm

Ryouta is 'the former' of Haru Team's member in STAR BOYS. According to his live in Youtube, I thought he is a calm person.

② Yamanaka Shiita
D.O.B : July 19, 2007
Height : 134.9 cm

Shiita is the one and only member who use teeth braces, and he looks so cute! He was 'the former' of Aki Team members.

③ Ookura Takato
D.O.B : April 12, 2002
Height : 170.5cm

Takato is Natsu Team's Papa lol. Though he is the eldest in Natsu Team, he still younger than me T_T

④ Ishida Ryouta
D.O.B: September 14, 2003
Height: 164.3cm

MY LOVEEEEEEE, ISSHI! Well, there are three 'Ryouta' in Battle Boys, so they have different nickname lol. Isshi is one of my fav! He good at dancing but he is a bit 'underrated' T_T Please someone, whoever you are(?), please vote Isshi in Battle Boys, no matter it just only one vote, it's no problem♡๐Ÿ˜‚

⑤ Nakagawa Kyonosuke
D.O.B: July 10, 2004
Height: 155.4cm

Same as Takato, Kyonosuke also 'the former' member of Natsu Team. I usually looks his selfie pic with Jeffrey on my timeline /why should I tell this? lol/

⑥ Muto Jun
D.O.B : August 18, 2001
Height: 175cm

The first time I saw him is on EBiDAN Doki Doki Fresh Live(?). I thoughts he is a kind of ikemen-senpai-type /what?/ at first, but ... ๐Ÿ˜‚ He is a 'former member' of Fuyuu Team in STAR BOYS.

⑦ Iizaka Kazuya
D.O.B: April 26, 2007
Height: 140.5cm

My friends always call him 'Kajuy' lol it reminds me to one of my friend's nickname too lol. Kazuya was 'the former' member of Aki Team.

⑧ Sakai Taiyou
D.O.B: April 23, 2008
Height: 135.3cm

Taiyou was a 'former member' of Aki Team. Well yeah, Aki Team is full with a cute little boys lol

⑨ Yamashita Yue
D.O.B: January 12, 2005
Height: 154.5cm

Yue was a 'former' member of Haru Team in STAR BOYS. I'm getting his fan since I watch his live stream on Youtube, and he told how happy he is being a junior highschool student lol

⑩ Jeffrey Malone
D.O.B: May 30, 2003
Height: 172.3cm

Though he has a western look, I think his japanese is more fluently than his english haha (different with Naito). Jeffrey was a 'former member' of Natsu Team, and ... just watch this video I'll swear you will laughing so hard๐Ÿ˜‚

①① Akiba Riku
D.O.B: April 7, 2006
Height: 142cm

Riku is the one and only member with 'Aki' kanji in his name, and he also a 'former' member of Aki Team! His smile is looks like a baby~ Akachan♡

①② Tanigaki Yuuta
D.O.B: December 15, 2007
Height: 132.6cm

Can you guess which team Yuta from? Of course, he from Aki Team! He has a big eyes O.O and I think it's cute!

①③ Nagano Sora
D.O.B: April 28, 2008
Height: 128.8cm

MY LITTLE BABY♡♡♡ Same as Yuuta, Sora is also from Aki Team. He looks so cute >< And, he also the youngest brother of Nagano Ryota!

①④ Ohashi Ryoma
D.O.B: May 20, 2004
Height: 155.2cm

Ryoma was a 'formed' member of Natsu Team. Same as Ryouta, I think he is a calm person too... Oh, I also love his lips OMG

①⑤ Yamanaka Jyuutarou
D.O.B: December 23, 2001
Height: 174.6cm

Same birthdate with me, but I'm (of course) older than him lol. He is so popular I thought, according to Youtube Live and current results of Battle Boys ๐Ÿ˜‚ He is from Fuyuu Team.

①⑥ Miyamoto Ryunosuke
D.O.B: April 19, 2004
Height: 160.8cm

Ryu is one of Haru Team 'former' member. Well, I don't know why, every time I saw his face, it reminds me to Matsumoto Jun in Boys Be Jr lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

①⑦ Nagano Ryota
D.O.B: July 16, 2003
Height: 148.8cm

As I told before, he is Nagano Sora's elder bro. Ryochin was from Haru Team~ My friend said that he had 'Tanaka Koki' of Super★Dragon looks, wdyt?

①⑧ Touno Taichi
D.O.B: August 14, 2005
Height: 148.6cm

This megane-boy was a 'former' member of Aki Team.

①⑨ Eguchi Shion
D.O.B: November 22, 2006
Height: 137.6cm

The same as Taichi, he came from Aki Team too. In that video, he didn't tell about his charmpoint like the others, but he tell about SLAM DUNK lol

②0 Ishii Masaya
D.O.B: March 19, 2006
Height: 153.9cm

Masaya is the youngest in Haru Team. He usually appear in Youtube Live and do the opening~ I think he has a good skill in communication.

②① Kashimoto Eichi
D.O.B: January 24, 2001
Height: -

He also from Aki Team, and has a bright smile rite? My friend and I usually called him chichi lol

②② Takakuwa Saneyuki
D.O.B: December 9, 2009
Height: 133.7cm

The youngest Battle Boys' member from Aki Team. Sanechan looks so cute when he gets nervous hahaha.


②③ Yoshizawa Kaname
D.O.B: July 12, 2003
Height: 172.6cm

Though he is the youngest in Fuyuu Team, he is taller than Ryochin (Nagano Ryota) lol His charmpoint is his voice, he said๐Ÿ˜‚ He also good at dancing!♡


Okay, there are 23 members who participating Battle Boys. I'm so sad because Youji didn't joining this project T_T

Well, then, how to vote them?

How To Vote

1. Watch their jikoushoukai's video on Youtube. Don't forget to like and share the link to your social media!♡

2. Vote your oshi on this site. You only have 5 votes per day, and you can vote your oshi in the same way next day.

3. Don't forget to share it to your twitter, and ask your friend to vote your oshi :p lol

Okaaayyy that's all what I can tell you about Battle Boys, and I'll updating about this as soon as possible.

One more time, sorry for my bad english, sorry if there are a lot of mistakes (please correct me if you find some wrong information, thanks!♡), and thank you for reading!


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